“Everything you can imagine, has already been created by nature”- A. Einstein

Expo Time is aware of the enormous environmental changes that our planet is undergoing in recent decades
In the annual report published by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations states that, every year, they disappear 13 million hectares of forests (the equivalentedi about 36 football fields per minute), the desertification, glaciers melt and the ozone hole widens. All this is due to the waste of resources, mismanagement and shortsightedness of many people who prefer to take advantage of today without thinking about tomorrow.

We, like many other companies, we want to reverse this trend because we believe that a better environment is not only possible, but also necessary for the future of all. In our small we equipped our company vehicles to LPG cylinders and installed 180 solar panels on the roofs of the office and warehouse. Thanks to this investment we produce 50.000kw year, feeding into the grid clean energy and reducing consumption of CO2 in the environment of more than 25 tons per year.

Through the use of innovative materials is possible to realize a booth with materials "zero impact", maintaining high quality standards with regard to design and functionality. You can opt for elegant bamboo flooring, for a real grass lawn or carpet ecological. We install walls of cork material that is obtained from the bark of the trees cut periodically (operation harmless to the plant) is regenerated in a short time; you can then paint with colours ecological with the the total exclusion of synthetic petrochemical raw materials, instead integrating the use of natural components such as binders and surfactants from the agricultural world as fresh milk, egg white and egg yolk, wax 'bees, starches, oils, extracts from citrus fruits and medicinal plants. The furniture, made of cardboard or recycled plastic, are now considered true objects of design, exhibited in major museums of contemporary world. Once built the structure you pass lighting: LED technology provides energy savings of about 70% with a precise illumination and low heat generation; also allows the play of light and set designs innovative and fascinating, totally automated.
For the most sensitive, we offer catering completely organic.