Stand design and construction

We collaborate with various fitters our partners, chosen according to the type of stand desired and the budget available, with the aim of guaranteeing a double result: the best solution at extremely competitive prices.
This way of operating guarantees the customer a wide choice that ranges from classic modular fittings to the most elegant creations.

All realizations are provided with certifications according to the law.

The transport, assembly and disassembly of each element always takes place with attention and punctuality, to satisfy every request and make each event a successful occasion.

Expo time also deals with the design and construction of showrooms for shops and companies

graphic support and image

  • Reproduction of digital images on various types of media (paper, fabrics, forex, glass, micro-perforated sheets, etc.)
  • Concept and creation of catalogs, brochures, stickers, invitations etc.
  • Website creation and web master service
  • Realization of graphic & advertising projects
  • Design and construction of stands and displays in various materials
  • Rental of furniture, plants, decorations
  • Window Dressing

Technical assistance

  • Audio / video / lighting equipment rental with technical assistance
  • Digital and traditional photographic services
  • Rental of catering equipment (refrigerator, coffee machine, food warmer etc.)
  • Relations with the trade fair body for forms and requests for connections and hangings

organizational assistance

  • Management of registrations to the fair and contacts with participants
  • Administrative assistance and handling of paperwork
  • Direct management of relations with the organizational secretariats of events and shows
  • Choice and management of exhibition areas
  • Assistance for the entire period of the event, from assembly to disassembly, by our qualified staff
  • Service of highly professional and competent hostesses and interpreters
  • Hotel reservations (only in case of stand set up)
  • Catering organization

catering services

Expo Time for over thirty years offers its professionalism and its versatility.

From the creation of an ad hoc restaurant for customers participating in our group shows, to the creation of coffee breaks, aperitifs, tailor-made light lunches for business meetings, presentations, parties and press conferences.

If you have an idea and want to make it happen, if you need ideas for an event, Expo Time will be happy to help you.

logistic services

  • Collection of the exhibition material at your office and relative delivery at the fair within its own stand
  • Handling and safekeeping of empty packaging during the event
    Storage in our warehouse