Eicma, 5-10 november 2019, Milan

Fiera Milano, SS. 33 del Sempione 28, Rho (Milan), ITALY

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The Exhibition and Milan become the driving force of a vision of the present and the future that shows how the two-wheeled vehicles are the protagonists of the new concept of mobility, as well as inspiring a still strong and deep-rooted passion.
These elements, together, give life to an exhibition currently realizing objectives both B2B and B2C, and that allows Playing at home, we offer our clients an all-inclusive service that includes very competitive exhibition space in a central position, realization of custom stand and many services, including a open bar, a secretariat office, and a restaurant in the pavillion for the exclusive use of our clients.

For more information mail to simone@expotime.com or call us at +39 02-90750153.

EICMA Group details

Our all-inclusive package is designed to allow companies to know in advance all costs in details. Very often the exhibitor is convinced to spend a figure that, at the end of the event, rises dramatically because of those services that are billed in the final balance (eg. Electricity, transport, etc ...). We believe, instead that, it is essential to know exactly the costs of participation in an international trade fair, which is why our package inclueds, in particular:

  • submitting the application form
  • selection, booking and payment of the exhibition space
  • handling paperwork with the fair
  • entering your data in the the fair official catalogue
  • management "Expo Page" on the website of EICMA
  • design and construction of customized stand
  • certifications
  • our assistance during assembly, disassembly and fair days
  • use, at our secretariat office, copier, fax, internet, PC, printer and scanner
  • Access to the private bar, with free drinks for our customers
  • access to the reserved restaurant with included lunch for our customers
  • evening cleaning of the stand
  • Pass parking inside the fairgrounds
  • Digital photo shoot booth

For more information mail to simone@expotime.com or call us at +39 02-90750153.

Dates and Times

In the days reserved for press and trade (Tuesday and Wednesday) - Fair opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m.
From Thursday to Sunday EICMA starts at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m. On Friday the event will close at 10:00 p.m.
Exhibitors can enter an hour before and go out half an hour after the time above.

Expotime Video ... EICMA 2018

Brand in group

Allegri Alpina Raggi Ariete Atala Baabali BetacBettella Brenta Frenotecnica Capit CIF Clover EVR Fa-Ba Faco Faster96 Ferodo Five Glvoes Flertex Kenny KTM Larsson-Italia Matris Mecanic Sport Mivv Nuova Faor Ognibene
Osbe Parafanghi Bastia Quattroerre Repower Sidi Sixs SMK Spider Vemar Vibram YSS Suspension Yohe Helmets ZNR Distribution

Staff Expo time

Your reference point at the fair

Our staff will be present at the event to support you and meet your demands

Simone Martuffo
He follows the motorcycle project and you can contact him to have more informations. He loves engines, football and the band 883... His mail is simone@expotime.com
Simone Martuffo

Project Manager

Emanuele Muratori
After a briefing with the customer he is able to build customized stands as well as the corporate identity of the Company.He has four children: a boy, 2 girls and a motorcycle... His email is emanuele@expotime.com
Emanuele Muratori


Ilaria Ragusa
From form to substance. Follows all the graphics and is always available to give advice on colors, materials and product display. She loves animals and adventure trips. Her email is grafica@expotime.com
Ilaria Ragusa


Roberto Bizzozero
He is the latest acquisition of Expotime. He offers its experience in hotels and restaurants to organize personalized and customized catering. He follows the hotel reservations and select hostesses and interpreters. He plays football (with poor results) and likes television dramas of all kinds. His mail iseventi@expotime.com
Roberto Bizzozero

Hotels, hostess/interpreters and Catering

Roberto Paoletti
He follows all is related to the transport of the goods. You can contact him for any information relating to shipments, customs and retreats. He has a milanese precision and a roman sympathy, the two cities which leads into the heart. His email is logistica@expotime.com
Roberto Paoletti

Logistic Manager


Our excellent partners for this event

For years Expo time is co-operating directly with the Fairs, stand builders and organizers, providing its customers with a professional, qualified and exclusive service.



With over thirty years experience in Milan Fair ground, we have selected - over the years - professional and prepared people able to carry out these activities. For more information you can contact Roberto Bizzozero mailing to eventi@expotime.com.

The shipment of the goods is an aspect not to be underestimated. Often generic couriers deliver the goods late or damaged causing serious troubles to the exhibiting companies. That is why we take care of all phases of your goods transport: our stock, of over 500 square meters, is the collection point of the various products that are loaded with great care. Afterwards the goods are put on trucks to be delivered directly to the fair where our staff discharge and delivery to the customer on the day before the opening. For more details please contact our logistics manager, Mr. Roberto Paoletti, mail to logistica@expotime.com

All products displayed by the companies involved with the solution "packet" are insured for a maximum of € 100,000.00 against fire and theft. Remember that the insurance does not cover theft with dexterity.

It is compulsory to register both the cars / trucks and the people of the staff through the website of Fiera Milano. You will receive 15 days before from the fair the access credentials.

The cards and parking tickets, in the number you requested, will be delivered on your arrival at the fair along with a letter with all specified Expo time services.

We support our customers not to hire audio and video systems. We are available to organize the presentation within your stand as well as in our restaurant and with a coffee break or delicious finger food made in Italy

The bar area is open access for all Expo time customers. You will find hearty breakfasts and tasty appetizers. Upon arrival at the exhibition, inside the envelope that will be by hand delivered, you will find restaurant tickets in number proportional to the square meters of your stand. Extra tickets are available asking to: Roberto Bizzozero, mail to, eventi@expotime.com. The restaurant opens daily at 12.30 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m., you can also order sandwiches which will be delivered directly on your stand.

The dismantling will be possible only after 6:30 p.m. of the closing date. If not observed this time, it could be given a fine from trade fair organization.

Fiera Milano, Rho

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