Collective ExpoTime at EICMA

eicma is the most important trade fair for motorized two-wheelers in the world

The two wheels are history, a lifestyle that manages to combine art, design, movement, fun and passion. Together these elements create an exhibition moment that achieves both B2B and B2C objectives and that allows to reach heterogeneous targets. Playing at home, we offer our customers a particularly competitive all-inclusive service which includes the central exhibition space, the creation of personalized stands and numerous services, including a bar, a secretariat and a restaurant for the exclusive use of our customers.


Milano Fiera, SS. 33 del Sempione 28, Rho (Milan), Italy


5-10 November 2024


On Tuesday (press day) and Wednesday, reserved for operators, the exhibition opens at 8.30 a.m. and closes at 6.30 p.m. From Thursday to Sunday, the exhibition opens at 9.30 am and closes at 6.30 pm. Exhibitors can enter the fair one hour earlier and leave half an hour later than the above schedule.


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collective exhibition at eicma

offer details

Our all inclusive package has been designed to allow companies to know in advance all the expenses they will incur. Very often, in fact, the exhibitor is convinced to spend a sum which, at the end of the event, increases enormously due to those services that are billed in the final balance (eg electricity, transport, etc …). We believe that it is essential to know exactly the costs of participating in an international fair, which is why our offer takes into consideration all aspects, in particular:

  • submission of application for admission
  • selection, booking and payment of the exhibition space
  • handling paperwork with the fair body
  • insertion of your data in the alphabetical and product list of the official catalog
  • “Expo Page” management on the EICMA website
  • customized stand preparation
  • various certifications for plant engineering and standard materials
  • ns. assistance during assembly, disassembly and fair days
  • use, at our. secretarial, photocopier, fax, PC with Internet, printer and scanner
  • access to the reserved bar, with free drink
  • access to the restaurant area
  • evening cleaning of the stand
  • car parking pass inside the exhibition center
  • digital photo shoot of the stand
graphic support and image
technical & organizational support
stand design and construction
logistic services
catering services

EICMA represents the fair dedicated to the most important motorized two-wheelers in the world. The event is organized by ANCMA (National Cycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Association) which, thanks to its many years of experience, manages to create an exhibition moment that achieves both B2B and B2C objectives and that allows to reach heterogeneous targets. A point of reference and an appointment capable of proposing themes far beyond the two wheels aimed at meeting the needs of civil society also through contamination with other sectors.

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Q&A about this event

Thanks to thirty years of experience in the Milan exhibition center, over the years we have selected professional and prepared people to carry out these activities. For more information, please contact Roberto Bizzozero at

The shipment of the goods is an aspect not to be underestimated. General couriers often deliver the goods late or ruined causing serious damage to the company. For this reason we personally follow all the transport phases: our warehouse, over 500 square meters is a few kilometers from Fiera Milano and this allows us to deliver the material directly to the customer on arrival, thus avoiding that the goods remain unattended on the day before opening. For more details, please contact our logistics manager, mr. Roberto Paoletti, at

All products displayed and transported by us are insured for a maximum of € 100,000.00 against fire and theft. It is good to remember that insurance does not cover theft with dexterity.

It is mandatory to accredit both vehicles and personnel through the Fiera Milano website, you will receive your access credentials 15 days before the fair.

The cards and parking spaces, in the number you requested, will be delivered to you on your arrival at the fair along with a letter with specified all the services of Expo time.

We support our customers not renting audio and video systems. You can organize the presentation both inside your stand and in our restaurant and accompany it with a coffee break or tasty finger food strictly made in Italy

The bar area is free for all Expo time customers, will find a rich breakfast and tasty aperitifs. Upon your arrival at the fair, inside the envelope that will be delivered to you, you will find meal vouchers in a proportional number to the square meters of your stand. Extra meal vouchers can be requested from Roberto Bizzozero, The restaurant opens every day at 13 and closes at 15:30, you can also order sandwiches that will be delivered directly to you on the stand.

Dismantling can only take place after 18:30 on the closing day. If this time is not respected, a financial penalty may be applied by the fair organization.