Collective ExpoTime at ISPO

The world's most important trade fair for the sports sector.

ISPO in Munich, with its 2,650 exhibitors, is the most important trade fair in the world for the sports sector. All the market innovations for outdoor sports for the following season are displayed in the 16 pavilions of the Munich trade fairs.


Munich Fair, Messegelände, 81823 - München, GERMANY


28-30 November 2023


First 2 days, the fair opens at 9 and closes at 18. Last day, ISPO starts at 9am and closes at 5pm. Exhibitors can enter an hour and a half earlier and leave an hour after the time indicated above.


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To attend

The fair has a long waiting list: if you want to participate, we invite you to register as soon as possible;

the pre-accession ends on May 31, is not binding and does not involve the payment of any advance.

If interested, please contact us as soon as possible by filling in the adjacent form or:


collective at ispo outdoor

offert details

We offer an all inclusive solution that includes the handling of all paperwork (choice and payment of space, catalog entry, goods insurance, etc …), design and construction of customized stands, catering service with delivery directly to the stand. We also directly follow the transport of goods, the finding of hostesses and interpreters, hotel reservations and all those services that revolve around a trade fair event.

graphic support and image
technical & organizational support
stand design and construction
logistic services
catering services

The ISPO fair represents the main appointment, at European and international level, for the winter sports sector. Over the 4 days of the fair, shopkeepers, sales staff, communication operators, athletes or simple enthusiasts will be able to get in touch with the main innovations proposed by the companies, making contact, in absolute preview, with the product collections that will enter trade in the following winter. Entry is allowed every day to the public and operators.

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Q&A about this event

request this service can contact Roberto Bizzozero a

The shipment of the goods is an aspect not to be underestimated. General couriers often deliver the goods late or ruined causing serious damage to the company. For this reason we personally follow all the transport phases: our warehouse, over 500 square meters, is the collection point for the various products that are loaded with the utmost care. Once on the trucks, the goods leave directly for the fair where our staff unloads them and delivers them to the customer the day before opening. For more details, please contact our logistics manager, mr. Roberto Paoletti, at

All products displayed by the companies participating in the “package” solution are insured for a maximum of € 100,000.00 against fire and theft. It is good to remember that insurance does not cover theft with dexterity. It is possible to request, by writing to, the night surveillance service for the entire duration of ISPO.

During the assembly and disassembly days, no entry pass is required. Vehicles can enter the fairgrounds upon payment of a deposit of € 100.00 which will be returned upon exit. The maximum parking time is 2 hours, after which the amount will be retained by the Fair. Vehicles over 7.5 tons can stay up to 4 hours. Parking areas are available in the areas adjacent to the fair that do not require payment of the deposit. It is advisable to enter the fair, paying the deposit, only for the time strictly necessary for the loading / unloading of your material.

Entrance cards can be requested through your exhibitor page, by entering the login and password provided by the trade fair body or by Expotime. The cards are strictly personal, you will be asked to indicate your name, surname and a reference address on which the entry pass will be sent and printed and presented at the turnstiles. The number of passes is in proportion to the square meters: up to 20sqm – 3 passes; 1 additional pass every 10 m2 (e.g. 50 m2 = 6 pass). It is possible, for a fee, to request extra passes by performing the same procedure. The passes that will be requested starting from the first day of the fair will cost 50% more. Parking passes, however, must be requested through the appropriate form. Companies participating through the Expotime package have parking already included. Additional parking passes can be requested for € 33.60. Passes will be sent by post or can be collected at the APCOA boxes located in the Foyer West. All vehicles above a height of 2 meters will not be able to park at the multi-storey car park but will have to request a pass for the outdoor area.

For logistical reasons we have decided not to set up a restaurant because our customers are in different pavilions. However, we offer our customers the catering service directly on the stand. For more information, write to Roberto Bizzozero:

We support our customers with rental of audio and video systems. You can organize the presentation inside your stand and accompany it with a coffee break or delicious finger food strictly made in Italy. For more information, please contact Roberto Bizzozero at the email address 

Dismantling can only take place after 5 pm on the closing day. If this time is not respected, a financial penalty or exclusion from the next event may be applied by the fair organization.

This is the billing contract for third parties, or the authorization to the exhibition organization to send all invoices relating to participation costs to Expotime (exhibition space, electricity, AUMA tax, etc …)

They are entrance tickets, 100 are sent for each exhibiting company (they are presented in the form of an alphanumeric code) and must be redeemed in the appropriate section on the ISPO website. Each code corresponds to an entrance and are strictly personal. Only vouchers actually used will be charged to the company

For this service you can contact Expotime staff directly.

The storage of empty packaging is already included in case you have transported it with us. Otherwise, before the event, you can contact Mr. Roberto Paoletti, at the email address