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It is the exhibitions dedicated to the Eastern and Northern European market.

The Polish fair wants to be a point of reference not only for the internal market (Poland has more than 38 million inhabitants and one of the most important cycling cultures in Eastern Europe) but also winks at neighboring countries. The cancellation of Brno, the historic Czech trade fair, brought together an important number of exhibitors and visitors on Kielce:
- 220 exhibitors from 13 countries
- 435 brands represented
- 6500 accredited sector operators from 30 countries


Kielce Trade Fairs, Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce, Poland


16-18 September 2021


On the days reserved for operators - Thursday and Friday - the fair opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00. Saturday, the only day dedicated to the public, the event starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:00. Exhibitors can enter one hour earlier and exit one hour after the time indicated above.


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to participate

The numbers of the past edition have certainly been positive and Italian companies have been able to deal with a market, such as that of Eastern Europe, which represents a huge opportunity.

Also for this edition we will create a project that will allow companies to participate at low costs.

For more information contact us by filling out the form in this section or:


collective at kielce bike expo

offer details

We offer an all inclusive solution that includes the handling of all paperwork (choice and payment of space, catalog entry, goods insurance, etc …), design and construction of customized stands. We also directly follow the transport of goods, the finding of hostesses and interpreters, hotel reservations and all those services that revolve around such an important trade fair event.

graphic support and image
technical & organizational support
stand design and construction
logistic services
catering services

Kielce Bike Expo is the latest addition to the international trade fair scene. The Polish fair wants to be a point of reference not only for the internal market (Poland has more than 38 million inhabitants and one of the most important cycling cultures in Eastern Europe) but also winks at those neighboring countries.
The first two days of admission are allowed only to operators, Saturday is the day dedicated to the public.

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Q&A about this event

Our office deals directly with booking hotels and apartments for our customers. For more information and to get a quote, contact Roberto Bizzozero by writing to The service is free and is aimed only at group participants.

Thanks to the partnership with the Polish fair we have a privileged channel to find professional and prepared people to carry out these activities. For more information, please contact Roberto Bizzozero at

We contacted the official shipper of the fair to make an agreement that allows exhibitors to send their goods safely. For more details, please contact our logistics manager, mr. Roberto Paoletti, a

All products displayed and transported by us are insured for a maximum of € 100,000.00 against fire and theft. It is good to remember that insurance does not cover theft with dexterity.

Simply tell your entrance guards your pavilion and stand number.

We will publish an advertising page with our customers’ pavilion and stand in the official catalog.

The cards and parking spaces, in the number you requested, will be delivered to you on your arrival at the fair along with a letter with specified all the services of Expo time.

The installation can only take place after 5 p.m. on the closing day. If this timetable is not met, a fine or exclusion from the next event may be applied by the fairgrounds.